On this week’s Ours to Protect we look at the importance of nature reserves and why we need to allocate more space for such reserves in Ireland.

Reporter Alison Hyland travelled out to Lough Derryvilla outside Thurles to visit the reserve there which is a shining example of how land once industrialised, can be repurposed and reimagined.

Situated on a cutaway bog between the villages of Ballynonty, New Birmingham and Littleton Lake, Derryvilla is a public amenity area with walks and angling facilities on what was once 30 acres of peat bog.

There are also plans to develop cycleways and walksways in the area which should start in August.

Biologist Michael Roche spoke to Alison Hyland who also chatted with local walker John G O’dwyer and he told us about how Tipperary has seen a decline in some native animal species like the hare.

But says that habitats like this can halt that decline.