Did you know…

There has been a recent surge of interest in hemp production globally. Industrial hemp can be legally grown in Ireland under licence from the Department of Health for a range of uses, including fibre, food and feed. The varieties of hemp permitted are listed in the EU’s ‘Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species’.

Industrial hemp is pretty much the same as cannabis, but without the narcotic effects of the active ingredient — tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This may not exceed 0.2% in industrial plants. The hemp industry has been slow to take off in Ireland due largely to a lack of processing infrastructure.

With the recent renewed interest in hemp worldwide, it is important to look at the barriers faced by farmers, and then look at how we can unlock the potential of hemp growing as an alternative farm enterprise.

Is Hemp actually good for the environment?

Hemp is an amazing plant. It uses a fraction of the water needed to grow cotton, every part is useful and it absorbs more carbon dioxide per hectare than other crops and most trees. Cultivated for thousands of years, the eco-friendly plant can be used in food products, biofuels, textiles and even building materials.

Here’s a few websites if you want to know more !

• More on Hemp Farming –  https://www.teagasc.ie/rural-economy/rural-development/diversification/industrial-hemp-

• Hemp Farming Co-operative – https://hempcooperativeireland.com/
• More on the Cultivation of Hemp: https://www.hempfederationireland.org/cultivation